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Margin Improvement for Healthcare

Across the nation hospitals are facing increasing pressure to maintain the operating margin necessary to support their mission. Many senior leaders pinned their hopes on the traditional deployment of Lean-Six Sigma. Today, the majority of these leaders are expressing disappointment with the meager gains in performance, the slow pace of progress, and the lack of a tangible ROI on their investment in these advanced quality methods. They are realizing that training alone and a project-by-project approach will not allow them to achieve their strategic objectives.

In contrast, CBA has completed more than 10 years of analysis to isolate the methods of top performing organizations that have achieved strategic levels of sustainable improvement. These findings have helped us develop a comprehensive solution to operational improvement for healthcare.

CBA provides solutions for:

CBA is exclusively committed to healthcare improvement. We offer a number of proprietary approaches specifically designed and crafted for the unique healthcare environment. Our staff consists of dedicated healthcare professions who have served in leadership positions. Each brings a wealth of practical experience to assist our clients in achieving their goals. Learn more about our team of Margin Performance Improvement Experts

Our Experts

Our team members have many of years experience within the healthcare industry, training some of the largest healthcare facilities to better utilize Lean-Six Sigma to improve their hospitals performance.

Case Studies

Our team members have numerous documented case studies outlining the successful integration of Lean-Six Sigma processes into patient healthcare systems, ensuring a profitable ROI for your company.


An initial assessment of your process is vital to proper use of Lean-Six Sigma system of healthcare management. Our team utilizes our proprietary methods in an efficient manner to help lay the groundwork for future measureable benchmarks.