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Margin Improvement for Healthcare Experts

CBA is exclusively dedicated to healthcare and only hires staff with a wealth of practical healthcare experience and experience in leadership positions. Our staff understands the needs of senior management team and brings the experience to achieve strategic results.

Caldwell Butler & Associates | Our Experts for Margin Improvement Solutions for Healthcare | Biographies of our team of experts

Chip Caldwell

Chip Caldwell | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Mr. Caldwell is the Chairman of Caldwell Butler & Associates, an innovative firm specializing in research-based methods to improve margin, throughput, and patient experience. His expertise includes the effective deployment of advanced methods to improve accountability, implementation, and speed of change by developing senior leaders and managers as change… Read Chip Caldwell's full bio.

Greg Butler

Greg Butler | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Greg Butler is an expert in transformational efforts and innovation. His multi-faceted background provides him with expertise to rapidly analyze clients’ needs and match them to applicable methods for optimizing their performance. During Greg’s career, he has been directly involved in GPO contracting strategies, supply chain solutions, anesthesia services… Read Greg Butler's full bio.

Tim Alba

Tim Alba | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Tim Alba, FACHE, Partner

Tim Alba is a Partner with Caldwell Butler and Associates (CBA), a leading resource in the strategic application of advance quality methods in healthcare that bolster leadership development and drive margin improvement. The result is sustainable implementation of cost savings, advancing quality and a management… Read Tim Alba's full bio.

Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Ray Johnson, Managing Principal High Impact Practice

Ray Johnson is Managing Principal of the High Impact Practice, providing a wide array of aggressive margin improvement strategies and implementation coaching for large, complex projects, process, or change initiatives. As a former HCA hospital CEO and CEO of a management… Read Ray Johnson's full bio.

Michael L. Harrington M.A., M.B.A.

Michael L. Harrington M.A., M.B.A. | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Michael Harrington is a former CEO/COO of adult/pediatric tertiary and community health services including post-acute services. With over 25 years of service in for-profit and not-for-profit health systems, his passion is developing reliable processes that engages people, process, technology and culture to maintain and grow patient safety and margins.

Read Michael L. Harrington M.A., M.B.A.'s full bio.

Becky Southern, RN

Becky Southern, RN | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Rebecca (Becky) Southern brings proven skills in hospital operations, P&L management and strategic development. In addition she leads implementation of new programs, product line management and process design.

She is a Registered Nurse with executive nursing experience. During Becky‚Äôs 25+ year career, her experience includes serving as a… Read Becky Southern, RN's full bio.

Kevin Sprecher

Kevin Sprecher | Caldwell Butler & Associates

An expert in optimizing the deployment of nursing resources and staffing models, Kevin assists clients in improving hospital operations to produce optimal clinical outcomes. He applies his clinical experience with practical application of Lean-Six Sigma performance improvement methods achieving significant advancement in safer and more efficient hospital operations.

Read Kevin Sprecher's full bio.

Alan Dial, MBA, MS QA

Alan Dial, MBA, MS QA | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Alan leads strategic continuous improvement campaigns across multi-hospital portfolios in cycle and cost reduction strategies in Surgical and Emergency Services and Labor Management. He is a change agent with experience delivering service line results and managing diverse and geographically decentralized operations footprint in the continuous improvement disciplines of Lean… Read Alan Dial, MBA, MS QA's full bio.

Nancy Dodson

Nancy Dodson | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Nancy Dodson is a seasoned healthcare executive with a strong record of success in running hospital operations, leading strategic initiatives, creating comprehensive quality programs, and building service lines. 

She has worked in major academic medical centers, as well as community and behavioral health hospitals ranging in size from… Read Nancy Dodson's full bio.

Mary Bobertz

Mary Bobertz | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Mary B. Bobertz, RN, MBA, FACHE

Mary Bobertz is Managing Principal of Clinical and Operations at Caldwell Butler & Associates. She has a proven track record of success in clinical and hospital operations, executive leadership, achieving significant results as a performance improvement and financial turnaround expert.

Mary brings over twenty… Read Mary Bobertz's full bio.

Shelly DeVore

Shelly DeVore | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Shelly DeVore, RN, DNP, FACHE

Shelly is a high-impact healthcare management professional providing executive consultation and coaching for large, complex projects, process or change initiatives. She is an expert in identifying root causes of issues and translating complex problems into clear, actionable steps, which align with strategic goals.

Read Shelly DeVore's full bio.

Carole Gilroy

Carole Gilroy | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Carole Gilroy, RN, MSN, MBA, DHA

Carole is a healthcare executive with a diverse background that includes clinical, administrative, and consulting experience. She has been a pioneer in innovating nursing labor improvement breakthroughs encompassing the complex relationship between financial impact and nursing practice assuring high quality while eliminating… Read Carole Gilroy's full bio.

Jayme Chancellor FACHE

Jayme Chancellor FACHE | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Jayme Chancellor is a former Chief Operating Officer of a Level II Trauma Center and VP of Performance Improvement. With 12 years of executive experience in the for-profit healthcare industry, her passion is developing patient-focused and cost-effective solutions and educating front line leaders to sustain improvement.

With extensive… Read Jayme Chancellor FACHE's full bio.

J. Alan Kent, DHA, FACHE

J. Alan Kent, DHA, FACHE | Caldwell Butler & Associates

Dr. Alan Kent is an outcomes-focused healthcare executive consultant, uniquely qualified to serve healthcare clients through his extensive experience as a hospital CEO and COO in independent and investor-owned hospitals. Prior to joining Caldwell Butler & Associates, he most recently served as President and CEO of a regional healthcare system… Read J. Alan Kent, DHA, FACHE's full bio.